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Why Do You Have To Blend (or froth) The PowerCreamer?

by Nicholas Wehrle December 10, 2018 3 min read

Why Do You Have To Blend (or froth) The PowerCreamer?


The PowerCreamer is a fantastic addition to your coffee if you follow a Low Carb, Keto, or even Paleo diet. It works great for these diets because it does not contain a lot of the same ingredients as other, more traditional coffee creamers do. Traditional coffee creamers contain ingredients like partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, artificial flavors, harmful preservatives and TONS of sugar! 

These ingredients are used for a variety of reasons, but mostly because they are cheap to use and manufacture. These low quality ingredients are the main reason normal coffee creamers are much cheaper than the PowerCreamer. You can learn more about why PowerCreamer is more expensive than normal coffee creamers here.

The PowerCreamer doesn't use any of these low quality ingredients, but rather, high-quality, nutrient dense ingredients that have actual FLAVOR. PowerCreamer needs to be blended for these main reasons:

  • The PowerCreamer contains no water, it is a concentrated formula
  • The PowerCreamer contains no preservatives whatsoever
  • The PowerCreamer is all-natural
  • The PowerCreamer is made with naturally shelf stable ingredients

Let's break it down below..


Unlike other creamers, the PowerCreamer is made with 100% real ingredients. There is no water, fillers, or preservatives in our product. Other products contain as much as 50-70% water, leaving you with only 40-50 calories per serving. One serving of PowerCreamer gives you 120 calories of high quality fat, making it a super condensed, concentrated formula. 

The Ingredients include:

  • Grassfed Ghee from Pasture Raised Cows
  • Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides) for energy
  • Non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin (used as an all-natural emulsifier) 

 We don't include any ingredients you've never heard of, only ingredients you know and trust. 


Unlike other creamers, PowerCreamer does not include any preservatives or artificial ingredients. It does not have to be refrigerated, making it completely shelf stable. This is because PowerCreamer is only made with natural ingredients. 

The shelf life is 1 year. It works great for traveling and can be taken anywhere. Just pour in, blend up and enjoy. It works great with hot coffee or tea and can even be added to smoothies.


 Grassfed Ghee, the primary ingredient in the PowerCreamer, is completely natural and shelf stable. Simply put, Ghee is the fat from butter. When making ghee, butter is melted down and brought to a slow boil. This allows all the moisture and milk solids in the butter to be removed.

All the remains is pure nutritious fat from butter. Typical grassfed ghee is rich in fat soluble minerals like Vitamins A, E, D, K, and K2 as well as CLA and Omega 3's. You can learn more about what makes ghee so special here. 

The next two ingredients, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and MCT Oil are similar, shelf stable oils. We combined all of these ingredients into one great product. We've included 4 great flavors too: Original, Vanilla, Cacao, and Cinnamon


PowerCreamer should be blended into HOT or ROOM TEMPERATURE coffee or tea only. The PowerCreamer does not mix well with cold drinks. You can make iced coffee by blending it into the hot coffee, then pouring it over ice.

The process of using PowerCreamer is simple though. Just pour your coffee into an open top or bullet style blender. Pour 1-2 servings of delicious PowerCreamer in. Blend for 10-30 seconds. 

You can also use a standard milk frother. The Power Frother works as a great substitute for a blender. Just pour in your hot coffee or tea and add 1-2 servings of PowerCreamer. Submerge the frother whisk and turn it on. Move the forther up and down to form a foam and to mix the PowerCreamer into the coffee. Do this for roughly 10-20 seconds to get a rich, keto friendly latte.

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Nicholas Wehrle
Nicholas Wehrle

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