Omega PowerCreamer - Cacao | Keto Coffee Creamer, Paleo & Low Carb

Omega PowerCreamer Natural Cacao

"Coffee's best friend...super KETO food!" - Leeann

Blendable Keto & Paleo Coffee Creamer

20 Servings - 10 Ounces  

Refrigeration Not Necessary

The PowerCreamer is: Sugar-free, Lactose-free, Casein-free, Gluten-free, Carb-free, Sweetener-free

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    Customer Reviews

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    Thought it was horrible, would not mix int coffee, did not like anything about it. Into trash it went waste of my money


    I love the coconut and choc taste combination!


    I enjoy the chocolate creamer. It taste is good and my stomach is flatter


    It’s great to take with you if you’re planning to grab a coffee while your out! I add it into my americanos! In the mornings when I don’t feel like hauling out all my bulletproof coffee ingredients, this guy saves the day!

    Thanks Nataly! Adding the PowerCreamer to your Americano sounds delish! Happy you like it!
    It's Pretty Okay

    I feel the same about the Cacao as the French Vanilla. Though both flavors are nice, they're not all that powerful. It could be something with my taste buds, though, because I notice that with other things from time to time. Although I must say that unhealthy corn syrup ladened creamer never fails to wow my taste buds. Despite how unhealthy it is, it's far more creamy and flavorful to me. Was hopeful to find a keto + non corn syrup creamer to perform the same, and so far, I haven't. But I'll be sticking with this brand because it's healthy and is good, minus the pow. Perhaps my taste buds will acclimate to finding it to be more pow as time goes on.

    Hi Paula, thank you for your honest review and feedback. It is true that our flavors aren't as powerful as the big box brands but that is because they use a lot of unnatural ingredients as well as artificial flavors and sugars to get that point. Over time, your taste buds will become much more used to the healthier options and everything else will become too sweet and taste artificial. So glad we could help with make your mornings healthier :)