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How to Make Keto Coffee On The Go & Why PowerCreamer is the Perfect Solution

by Greg Blome December 20, 2018 2 min read

How to Make Keto Coffee On The Go & Why PowerCreamer is the Perfect Solution

How to Make Keto Coffee On The Go 

If you are big coffee lovers like us, you appreciate the extra boost a cup of coffee (or three) gives you in the morning. However, there are still ways to make that cup of coffee even more beneficial.

Making a Ketogenic Coffee is one of the best ideas we have found to get the most out of your morning, especially when hoping to avoid those blood sugar spiking carbs and sugars. 

There are a few common ways to make a quick, basic Keto Coffee.

  1. Add heavy whipping cream to your coffee. 
  2. Add either almond milk or coconut milk (sugar free versions) to your coffee. 
  3. Add a combination of butter or ghee, coconut oil, and MCT oil.

These are all easy ways to make a Keto Coffee on the go, but which is the most effective?

making keto coffee on the go here are your options

Why people are choosing the PowerCreamer 

We are big fans of heavy whipping cream, don't get us wrong. We add it to our coffee quite a bit. Almond milk and coconut milk are also great choices. But the ability to add the wide range of fats to your coffee - that are included in the PowerCreamer - is too powerful to ignore.

Adding grass fed ghee to your coffee provides a great nutrient-dense base to your coffee. Then when you add coconut oil, and the energy-aiding effects of mct oil as well, you are consuming a wide variety of beneficial fats that can:

  • aid in weight loss when consumed while fasting or on a low carb diet
  • help provide extra, sustainable energy with the help of the mct oil
  • assist with getting into ketosis or staying in ketosis
  • make those food cravings stay at bay

Another major benefit of using PowerCreamer to make your Keto Coffee is that it is All-inclusive! No need to buy these ingredients separately! You are trying to get out of the door and start your day!

We know that your most important asset is YOUR TIME! The convenience of only needing one tablespoon of PowerCreamer will allow you to focus on the day's tasks - whether that be taking care of your busy kids, making a quick Keto Coffee at your coffee station at work, or using it as a pre-workout supplement before your morning exercise. All you need is a milk frother or a blender and you are good to go! 

How to make keto coffee on the go with PowerCreamer

PowerCreamer is the travel friendly Keto Coffee Creamer

Because PowerCreamer is made of only natural, shelf-stable ingredients, it makes the perfect travel companion when you are looking for keto coffee on the go. Throw it in your suitcase, travel bag, gym bag and go!

PowerCreamer is better than powdered keto coffee creamers because it uses real ingredients, NOT powders. We don't use any unknown ingredients that you can't pronounce so you can be sure you are making the healthiest choices. 

We come in four great flavors Original, Vanilla, Cacao, and Cinnamon. Original and Cacao are unsweetened, the vanilla and cinnamon are sweetened with Organic stevia.

Here is more about the PowerCreamer:

Why powercreamer makes the perfect keto coffee

Greg Blome
Greg Blome

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