What is PowerCreamer and How Do You Use It?

December 01, 2018 2 min read

What is PowerCreamer and How Do You Use It?


PowerCreamer is an all-natural, high-performance coffee additive that provides a creamy taste and frothy texture. Because PowerCreamer is all-natural, it needs to be blended. The PowerCreamer is:

  • PowerCreamer is a concentrated blend of highly valued, functional ingredients
  • PowerCreamer contains MCT Oil, a supplement used for Energy
  • PowerCreamer is made with Grassfed & Organic Ingredients
  • PowerCreamer uses 100% nutrient dense oils and fats
  • PowerCreamer is Sugar Free, Preservative free, and contains no water, artificial flavors, or fillers whatsoever!


Once blended into your hot coffee or tea, PowerCreamer makes a sugar-free, no-carb latte in less than 10 seconds. It is unlike traditional coffee creamers in that it is made with whole-food ingredients without the use of artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives. 

PowerCreamer is made with a blend of grass-fed ghee, organic virgin coconut oil, and MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil. These ingredients make PowerCreawmer more nutrient dense than traditional creamers. 

PowerCreamer is a perfect addition to the daily routine of people who:

  • have a dairy intolerance
  • exclude sugar from their diet
  • follow a Ketogenic diet
  • follow a Paleo diet
  • eat Whole 30
  • are looking to improve their energy
  • Intermittent Fast

To use PowerCreamer, add 1 tablespoon to your hot, brewed coffee and blend. We recommend using a small countertop blender or a handheld Milk Frotherto achieve a frothy, latte-like texture. Feel free to add other supplements, like collagen or natural sweeteners, to personalize your cup. PowerCreamer comes in four great flavors, so you can create a variety of tasty lattes depending on your mood or the season. 


Blending powercreamer the keto coffee creamer

Drinking PowerCreamer can have a great impact on your energy, cognitive function and suppression of appetite. You can experience a notable difference in energy, focus and satiety. This boost is attributed to the high-quality fats found in PowerCreamer, particularly MCT Oil. MCT Oil is immediately converted into ketones in your body and efficiently burned for energy. With zero carbs or sugar, PowerCreamer allows you to enjoy your coffee without spiking your blood sugar. This aids in extending your fast, which is when your body remains in a fat-burning state. The healthy fats from the ghee and coconut oil will satisfy your body and reduce hunger for a few hours. 


PowerCreamer keto matcha creamer

Drink PowerCreamer for:

  • your morning routine
  • pre-workout
  • an afternoon pick-me-up
  • a bridge snack between meals
  • a boost of energy and focus
  • keto coffee on-the-go 

Try PowerCreamer and experience the benefits of increased energy and elongated satiety. Ditch the harmful and artificial ingredients found in traditional coffee creamers and opt for a natural alternative that tastes great!

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