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Omega C8 MCT Oil (32oz) 100% Pure C8 Caprylic Triglycerides

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Omega Health Products C8 MCT Oil is made of 100% pure Caprylic Acid Triglycerides. It's perfect for any keto, paleo, Vegan, or low carb diet. C8 MCT Oil breaks down faster than any other MCT Oil and can quickly be used as energy for the mind, body, and brain!

What is MCT Oil?

Customer Reviews

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charles palmer
Power !!!!

Instant energy two tablespoons in the morning and your good to go. Actually you won’t even desire a meal and your alertness will increase this is my first experience dealing with MCT oil and I must say I’m impressed.

Robert Erdmann
Perhaps the Best

This is the only MCT oil I have found that is 100% C8. I have no way of verifying that but per the label it may be the best on the market for cognitive abilities support. The price is very good.

Best C8 MCT Oil I've Had

I use this C8 MCT Oil when i'm not using the PowerCreamer. I add it to my smoothies and in my salad dressing for additional healthy fats. Love it!

Thanks Doug! The C8 MCT Oil is a great product.

Elaina Love
Great price and great product

This is an amazing MCT oil. It has all the properties of "other" octane 8 oils at a way better price too. I love the packaging, the easy remove top and the actual product! Keep it up you guys!

So happy our C8 MCT Oil is meeting (and hopefully exceeding) your expectations! It has so many benefits!

Perfect MCTs

I love this new product so much! It’s such a great addition to my morning routine and I’ve noticed a difference in my brain fog in the morning!

So glad our C8 MCT Oil worked out for you!