Omega PowerCreamer - Cinnamon | Keto Coffee Creamer, Paleo & Low Carb

Omega PowerCreamer Cinnamon

"Love the Cinnamon flavor. Buy 2 cause you will use the first one quick."- Coral S.

Blendable Keto & Paleo Coffee Creamer

20 Servings - 10 Ounces  

Refrigeration Not Necessary

The PowerCreamer is: Sugar-free, Lactose-free, Casein-free, Gluten-free, Carb-free, Sweetener-free

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    Customer Reviews

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    It's "okay"

    While I do understand that to remove oneself from sugar means that a change in taste must occur, this is often not mentioned. I found the taste itself as being "okay," but there is that "different" taste that comes from using substitute sweeteners. It's not bad or nasty...just different. The way it thickens up when it gets a bit cool is a tad irritating. If you are an ordinary coffee drinker that doesn't use a blender or mixer, then be forewarned that this stuff will not blend or mix that well. Even after a good amount of stirring you can see it "pooling." I hate to sound too negative seeing how many really like it, and I support small business ownership. It wasn't what i was expecting, but that's okay. I wish this company well.

    Hi Ralph, sorry you didn't like it as much as we hoped. We appreciate your honest review!

    Perfect for this upcoming fall. Love this PSL in my keto coffee

    Fast & Delicious

    Finally a one step way to Keto Coffee! I love the flavors .So glad to have found them!


    really loved it! I’d definitely recommend it. I really enjoy my coffee every morning with the delicious taste of cinnamon. and it’s so easy to incorporate with just a squeeze. Thanks for creating this great product power creamer.

    Thanks Linda! The Cinnamon is delish right!?
    Amazing—love this creamer!

    This creamer is delicious! My favorite part is the ease of transport. I can bring the squeeze bottle with me to work and make THE BEST keto coffee! 🙌

    Love to hear this! Thanks for the positive review. It works great on the go