Omega PowerCreamer Bundle Pack - French Vanilla, Salted Caramel, & Bla

Omega PowerCreamer Bundle Pack - French Vanilla, Salted Caramel, & Black Frother

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Customer Reviews

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Scott Ledford
A Good Power Creamer & Frother!

I'm new to Keto and still developing my tastes in various Keto food products. I like the French Vanilla Power Creamer as much as one can like fat and oil in their coffee. The Salted Carmel is still a work in progress. Taste aside, both Power Creamers curb hunger, boost energy, and increase ketones. I would recommend trying both.

Thank you for leaving a review, Scott!

Powercreamer bundle

I just received this on Tuesday, two days ago. Will have to let you know later. I saw the person the gift is for on Monday, so did not have this yet to give to her. Will give to her later as she is in another town.

Erin Brown
Can’t Taste Just Smell

Can’t taste the flavors in coffee but can smell it. If you looking for good fat content then great product but if looking to flavor black coffee this is not it.

Sorry to hear that the flavor wasn't enough for you!