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Healthy Holiday Gift Guide!

by Meghan Wehrle December 03, 2017 5 min read

Healthy Holiday Gift Guide!

The holidays are a time to spread some love to those around us. Let's make 2017 a Healthy Holiday Season and give the gift of a health this year. Not sure what to get your mom, brother, gym partner or kid's teacher? We've got you covered with some of our favorite items:


1. Obviously, PowerCreamer should be at the top of everyone's wishlist ;) With three great flavors, any coffee lover will reap the benefits of the quality, wholesome ingredients.

2. Who wouldn't want longer hair, stronger nails and better skin? I early-gifted Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides to my mom because I just couldn't wait for her to see the results! She's going to add a scoop to her morning coffee for some added protein. 

3. I kid you not when I tell you that I put ghee on EVERYTHING. Eggs, vegetables, toast... tastes SO GOOD! And after trying several brands, Ancient Organics Ghee is by far the most fragrant and flavorful on the market.

4. Can't decide between all these amazing health food products? Gift them a Thrive Market gift card so they can pick out their favorite products themselves! is our go-to online source for healthy products at the best price. 

5. For the true coffee addict, prescribe them a morning cup o' joe with this cute coffee mug! Even better, they'll think of you every morning when they drink from it!

6. Every coffee lover knows that nothing gets done before coffee has been consumed. Gift them this cozy sweatshirt perfect for curling up on the couch with a latte. 

7. Some people drink coffee... others drink DeathWish coffee. This is THE WORLD'S STRONGEST COFFEE. This will be in my husband's stocking because even a double espresso doesn't keep him awake. 

8. Ever heard of mushroom coffee? It's a new trend we're loving because mushrooms have amazing health benefits and Four Sigmaticpacks these functional mushrooms, superfoods and adaptogens into their coffee pods.

9. Speaking of adaptogens... our current favorite herbal potion is Ashwagandha. It's a natural stress reliever that you can easily add to your coffee or tea to rid anxiety. Totally necessary this time of year!

10. This Kombucha Kit is perfect for DIYers because fermented tea is the new matcha. Not only will this leave them with a delicious drink that betters their gut health, but it's a fun activity that any health nerd would love to make. 

11. Give a gift and save the planet at the same time. These reusable zip bags are perfect for any earth-lover looking to reduce their waste. Stasher Bags are dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe and perfect for storing leftovers or taking snacks on the road.

12. Ok, so this is the coolest new tech item I've seen all year! We all know that we should be drinking a TON of water every day, but between our busy lives it's hard to keep track of how much we're actually drinking...until now. The Hidrate Spark water bottle connects to your phone to track your water intake throughout the day. Even cooler, it lights up and vibrates to remind you to drink if you are falling behind your daily goal. I've already bought one for each of my family members...and myself :)

13.This beauty trio has many benefits and it's ALL-NATURAL. I use the Cocokind matcha stick for under-eye moisture, the turmeric stick as a spot treatment for acne and the beet stick for blush. Pretty Little Things!

14. You can't be a healthy cook without great seasonings. FlavorGod seasonings bring loads of flavor without the sodium. Perfect for anyone who loves to cook!

15. It may be winter, but cold brew is great in any season. Make your own at home with the all new Chameleon Cold Brew pods. Place them in the bottom of a pitcher of water and let it steep overnight. Delicious!

16. Our favorite reusable water bottle...the Klean Kanteen. We use it daily and even shake up our butter coffee inside when we don't have a blender available.

17. Nothing's worse than room-temperature coffee. Keep your coffee hot inside this Yeti rambler. I love this one because it comes with a handle and most resembles a traditional coffee mug.

18. Who doesn't love the foam at the top of your latte or cappuccino? The AeroLatte will turn anyone into a barista. Brew up your favorite cup of coffee, add your favorite creamer (PowerCreamer, obviously) and use this handheld frother to foam up your coffee. Texture is everything.

19. Want to take the froth up a notch? An immersion blender will bring your butter coffee to a whole new level. This handheld blender mixes your ingredients in a large cup just as well as a NutriBullet or Ninja blender could, in less time.

20. I AM GIVING THIS BOOK TO EVERY SINGLE PERSON I LOVE. What better gift than knowledge?! Kelly Leveque is a genius when it comes to explaining blood sugar and insulin for us normal folk and her book Body Love is life-changing. After breaking down all the science into basic terms, she offers applicable lifestyle changes to show your body some love and nourish it from the inside, out. 

21. New Year's is coming fast and that means there are goals to be set. Help your loved ones reach their goals by gifting this Goal Planner Journal.

22. Looking for something more personal? Customize a 4 Things Tote with their favorite things and they will be so happy know you made it especially for them. The Shop Forward donates all proceeds to orphanages in Haiti so it's the gift that gives back! My 4 Things? BUTTER COFFEE, YOGA, WAFFLE FRIES, TARGET

23. Got a friend who travels a lot? The dry airplane often leaves us looking tired and puffy, but these Honest Hazel eye gels are the perfect solution. Pop the clear gels on under your eyes during your flight and you'll walk off the tarmac looking refreshed and wide awake.

24. For your sporty friend, gift them a subscription to Aaptiv. For only $10 a month, they'll get unlimited access to 100s of workouts. It's like having a personal trainer inside your earphones anytime, anywhere!

25. Speaking of earphones... anyone who works out knows the hassle of dealing with the mess of wires between your phone and earphones... Enter bluetooth headphones! Beats by Dre are top of the line as far as sound quality but you can also find similar styles in many different price ranges.

26. Plants make any house feel like a home, and succulents are a great option if you're lacking a green thumb. They look beautiful, especially when grouped, and are super low-maintenance.

27. You know the person that takes a picture of everything they eat just so they can post it on the gram? They need this phone mount. With supreme stability, their photos will look professional and turn them into a famous foodie in no time.

28. And finally, don't forget your furry friends! They will love this avocado toy because it squeaks, rattles, is the perfect size for fetch, has lots of pulls to chew on,'s the good kind of fat ;)


Happy Holidays and happy giving to you and your loved ones!


The PowerCreamer Team



Meghan Wehrle
Meghan Wehrle

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